Environmental Values

Luke focused on permaculture at school and although, he recognises its not possible to implement everywhere, he is committed to the ideals of his background.  Hudson Landscaping prefers to create an environment where organic materials can flourish without the aid of chemicals. Hudson Landscaping is highly knowledgable about native plants and using non-invasive plants to create a low maintenance garden that does not require the use of chemical fertilisers, pest control or weed control.  We also recycle organic materials such as mulch and soil when possible.  



Hudson Landscaping’s Environmental Values:


  1.  Hudson Landscaping makes the best use of natures resources.

  2.  Hudson Landscaping pledges to reduce waste of all kinds by valuing and making use of everything that is available.

  3.  Hudson Landscaping takes advantage of the diversity of the unique area we live in.  

  4. Hudson Landscaping thinks long-term sustainability and aesthetic when it comes to garden design