5 Edible Garden Ideas That Turn Your Garden Into A Farm

Hudson Landscaping wants to help you create a delicious outdoor space with our edible garden design ideas. You’ll be enjoying the fruits of your garden in no time!

1. Buy A Vegepod

We’ve partnered with Vegepod, a Sydney based company that offers container garden kits that are self-watering, protected from critters and insects, and accelerate plant growth. Check out the Vegepod benefits at http://www.vegepod.com.au/ home1/features/container-gardens/. Hudson Landscaping will deliver and set-up a Vegepod so you can start growing in a couple of hours.

2. Get Hudson Landscaping to Build You a Stand

Many of our clients who purchased a Vegepod, ask Hudson Landscaping to build a custom stand to match your current garden design. We can do this with a variety of materials including timber, stone or tile.

3. Let Us Curate This Season’s Bounty.

We can also help you choose plants that are best for the current season. Did you that you should plant the following in your Sydney summertime container and balcony gardens?- lettuce- rocket- beetroots- chives- radishes. We can set up a season specific plant pack for your Vegepod or in-ground garden and plant them for you too!

4. Plant Fruit Trees

Want to grow miracle fruit that can leave your mouth tasting sweet for hours after you’ve eaten it? How about blueberries or lemons? Hudson Landscaping can create a garden design that incorporates your favourite fruits trees and vegetable plants.

5. Use Edible Plants in Landscape Edging and Growing Walls

Hudson Landscaping has many backyard design ideas involving living walls and edible landscape edging. One Sydney landscape favourite is the passion fruit vine. Add passion fruit vines to lattice walls and patio covers. You can also line a garden path with aromatic and useful herbs such as lavender, mint, parsley and basil. Starting reaping the benefits of our edible garden design ideas today. Call Luke at 0447 592 399 to plan your mini-farm and start growing your own delicious fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget, life’s a garden, dig it!

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