Recycle, Re-Use, Re-Purpose

Hudson Landscaping believes in the transformative effects of sustainable landscaping for Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.  Hudson Landscaping has adapted many innovative practices such as recycling, up-cycling and re-purposing of various materials including mulch, sandstone, timber sleepers, plants, and artificial turf.  

For example, Hudson Landscaping…

  • Uses synthetic turf that requires no water and no maintenance

  • Reduce waste by separating and recycling materials such as vegetation and hard waste

  • Re-purpose brick and concrete for sub-strate under concrete slabs or around drains behind retaining walls

  • Reuse plants by transplanting

  • Recycle wood materials by chipping into mulch

  • Reuse railway sleepers for retaining walls

  • Reuse waste water or grey water for use in irrigation of gardens and lawns

  • Repurpose sandstone and other rock for retaining walls and feature walls

Environmentally Sensitive Designs

Hudson Landscaping specialises in designing minimal water use gardens and landscapes that are complimentary to our environment in Sydney.   Where desired, we can use plants that are non-invasive and low maintenance.  Detrimental weed and pest controls become unnecessary resulting in no damage to the environment.  Hudson Landscaping can create shade tolerant designs for tropical gardens.  We also do companion planting to incorporate herbs and veggies into your landscape.