4 Reasons to Include Succulents in your Landscaping Design

1. Succulents are Cheap!

You can add succulents to your overall landscaping design, garden, or balcony garden for little or no cost. Have a friend with a great succulent collection? Ask him or her for some clippings, pop the plants into a pot and water sparingly . You'll have a new spiky friend in no time as succulents propagate from cuttings! Hudson Landscaping buys succulents in bulk to add our landscaping design plans. We get great deals on cool cacti and would be happy to pass them onto you!

2. They're Low Maintenance!

Whether succulents are a part of a large, complex landscaping design or a simple balcony garden arrangement, they don't take heaps of work to maintain. Infrequent watering (about once a week) and no direct sunlight are the only instructions for succulent care. If you would like to learn more about how to care for your succulents, check this out!

3. They're Hard to Kill!

Succulents are so low maintenance that you can forget about them for weeks on end and amazingly they'll still be kicking (although we don't recommend trying to kill your own plants!) Heck, succulents survive in the desert so they'll definitely persevere while you're away on vacay. This also means they are good for areas in your landscaping design that are hard to reach with the hose or irrigation system on a regular basis.

4. Succulents Look Rad!

They come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Succulents can be spiky, fuzzy, tall, short, round, flowered, purple, red, green and yellow. Here's a good place to check Succulent Types 101. Hudson Landscaping can specially curate an array of visually pleasing succulents to complement your landscaping design. We can even pick non-spiky succulents for gardens with kids or pets.

Succulents are so hot right now. Contact us to see how we can include succulents in your landscaping design - tiny or giant! Cactus are your unlikely, spiky friend!

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