The True Story of Our Beautiful New Website

Story of Hudson Landscaping triumphing over hackers

Hack Hack City, Baby.

A couple of months ago we received a couple of phone calls warning us that our beautiful website was no longer online. Clients received an error message or saw a blank screen.

After a month of creating content and then waiting for our website to be built last year, we were really really happy with our site. People complimented it and even said it was a significant reason they chose Hudson Landscaping. It was oh so beautiful and flash!

But with a swift click-in-the-ass, it was GONE. What kind of gone are we talking about? GONE, GONE as in never ever coming back. Our techy people fought desperately to recover the Hudson Landscaping website, but the hackers had completely corrupted the entire site and when we updated Wordpress it erased our template. There was nothing left.

Hudson landscaping says no hacking

When it seems there that all is lost, the only thing you can do is REBUILD. We spent two more months with a sad "under construction" page. In the end, good triumphed over evil and a new, even more beautiful website was born. It's the one you're reading right now! The Hackers may have one the first time around but we're back and better than before!

We are very proud of our new site and plan to protect it vehemently against HACKERS. As a bit of a public service announcement, people should know that (1) you need to regularly back up your website by downloading the complete file or subscribing to a service that does back-ups for you; (2) templates from Wordpress with custom coding are difficult, if not impossible, to update and such a task is certainly beyond the skill set of the backyard web designer. Consult a professional or use Wix or Squarespace.

Please enjoy our new site!

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